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Benefits of a ColdFusion Website

As a fast and reliable method of integrating browser, server and database technologies, ColdFusion can deploy thousands of Internet applications. Read more about its benefits:

  • ColdFusion websites deliver richer and more powerful applications.
  • Websites written in ColdFusion delivers higher levels of productivity and efficiency.
  • ColdFusion websites are easier to maintain than static websites.
  • ColdFusion websites offer highly approachable integration with all major Internet standards and component models.
  • ColdFusion websites can be run on any of the leading server operating systems.
  • ColdFusion will deliver a site in any language.
  • ColdFusion gives us flexibility and allows you to create customised functions i.e. currency conversion.
  • ColdFusion offers increased levels of accessibility: easy to build websites for those who are visually impaired or who have other disabilities.
  • Websites written in ColdFusion enables the production of professional business graphics .
  • Developers proficient in ColdFusion can build more advanced sites.

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