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Top 10 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2021

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It might be notorious, but 2020 has left behind one legacy: Making people more connected to the web. This gave website designers an unprecedented opportunity to impress millions of new users. And impress they did. Here are the top 10 influential web design trends of 2020, which will get bigger in 2021.

1) Dark/Light Mode 

Websites with dark themes became common in 2020. Brands like Apple and Netflix use a dark background to invoke a premium feel. You can see a similar trend in automobile and electronic-gadget advertisements of late.

Moreover, dark mode is easier on the eyes as it emits blue light.

Take a look at this screenshot from spotify.

While in dark mode, the screen consumes lesser energy as well. Ergo, better battery life. More brands are likely to adopt a dark mode in the years to come, with an option to toggle to light mode.

Keep in mind that merely changing the theme to dark mode will not do. The design should have palettes customized for both light and dark backgrounds.

2) Animation and Micro Animation

Of late, the use of micro-animation in web development has risen. Apart from piquing users' interests, they can also encourage them to do a specific action on a website. Trigger animations, for example, change their shape, color, and speed with the user action. 

Another trend gaining traction is the use of illustrations. Web developers in Santa Clarita believe hand-drawn elements give websites a human touch. They also give the design clarity and authenticity.

You can see an example on the home page of insurance company AHM and fashion brand Gucci. Also, Odd Body illustrations, which represent diversity, received much popularity in 2020. 

3) Accessibility a Welcome Trend

Awareness about the needs of people with disabilities is growing. And web developers are welcoming this trend. Firms like Full Blown offers web designs that combine accessibility with aesthetics. They feature contrasting colors, bold text, and assistive buttons. Apart from helping the disabled, these also help the SEO. Check out these trending features in web design these days.

# Use of lucid, jargon-free content

# Use of alt images to assist comprehension

Check this alt tag usage in a website.

# Instructions and labels for better navigation

# Use of highlight on links to enhance focus

Keep in mind that over one billion visitors use accessibility features on websites. Prudent use of such features will be the difference between success and failure. 

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4) Colours of Nature

The use of earthly colors became very popular in website design in 2020. It is the result of increasing awareness about sustainability and environmentalism.

Another reason for their use by web developers is that they reduce stress on the eyes. With people spending more hours on the internet, this is a critical change in web development. The color scheme helps a user stay on a webpage for more hours without feeling tired in the eye.

Check out Ora Floral Agency's websites or The Dockyard Social to see how these color schemes work.

Notably, the trend has been around in interior, product, and graphic designs for quite some time.

5) Return of the Retro

Colors reminiscent of the 90s form another extreme of the design spectrum. Designers in Santa Clarita say the web design of brighter colors appeals to the youth. Last year saw many developers using bolder colors with vintage design elements.

The website of Happy Socks has put these colors and designs to good use. They use two-dimensional shapes as buttons or stickers with more information on them.

Bright colors - often red, blue, and yellow - on these stickers often invoke nostalgic memories. The website design of Goliath Entertainment shows how. This design is reminiscent of the 90s' comic-book cover pages. 

6) Collage, Mixed-Media Designs 

Collage web design is another takeaway from 2020. This style uses a healthy mix of text, photos, and illustrations for a unique user experience. It captures user attention with its multimedia, leading to longer page views.

Check out the home page of City Circus for a better understanding of this style.

Website designers like Full Blown believe that 2021 will be a year of mixed media designs. Indeed, the use of collage or animated collage on a website infuses it with new vigor and creativity. It can also gel well with minimalist UX design or even anti-design. 

7) A New Breed of Minimalism on the Rise

If you thought you would not see it here, you have another thing coming! Designers, both in Santa Clarita and beyond, have been using minimalism for a decade now.

Minimalism focuses on the use of absolutely-essential elements and functionality. More space, basic shapes, and clean text characterize websites of this design. 

Not only white and black, minimalism now allows for other colors as well—an example of this new 'colorful' minimalism you can see on the Shopify website. Simple and earthly colors, together with minimal design elements, make it appealing. It is also easy on the eye.

In all likelihood, 2021 will see more website designers experimenting with colorful minimalism. 

8) Use of 3D Visuals

The integration of 3D visuals is a web development trend coming of age in 2021. Simple geometric shapes, a staple of web design, have received a new life after becoming 3D.

This is partly made possible because of the development of high-resolution screens. Designers weave them into web design for both aesthesis and utility. Combine them with minimalistic principles, and you will build fantastic web pages.

Check out the webpages of YA YA and Sennep to see how 3D elements can enhance the effect of minimalism. 

9) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a trend has more to do with website development, not the result. But, the use of chatbots to answer customer queries will become more commonplace in 2021.

AI lets a website to process more data and give more personalized and contextual content. During the onboarding process, the AI will:

#Collect data about the readers

#Conduct testing

#Arrange graphics 

The data collected by AI will help a developer or the site owner understand users' behavior. It will help them to devise or better their marketing strategies. The result is an 'influential website. And with cut-throat competition around, that is what businesses need! 

10) The Opposite of Design

Finally, we discuss the seemingly unsavory but brutally bold trend doing the round. Anti-Design, the result of a resurgent Brutalism, protests the established design principles.

Once confined to museums and portfolios, it now demands attention as a web design trend. Web developers who are adhering to this trend in Santa Clarita place elements asymmetrically.

Exaggerated or extorted textual or visual features scream out of the screen. The idea is to arrest user attention by forceful and unconventional design principles.

Check out the website design of studio XXIX. The conference site of Bloomberg Businessweek Design 2016 is another example. Many find them provocative. What do you think?

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