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Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Website

Here are seven compelling reasons why your brand needs a website. Boost your credibility and increase your visibility in search engines with a brand new website. Note: Add one image and send this post to client

Ask yourself these 3 questions...

  1. Do you want your company to have a future?
  2. Do you want customers to trust your brand?
  3. Do you want to make a mark for yourself?

Well, you might say yes! Isn’t that obvious?

Then it is pretty obvious you need a website for your company as well. It’s a no-brainer!

Over four billion people are using the internet. More than five billion people search about something or the other on Google every day. In 2019 alone, 1.92 million people bought goods online.

According to a survey in 2019, 81 percent of American adults are online every day.

We are buried nose deep in a digital era. And our dependence on the internet is only going to increase. This is why it is crucial and imperative for your company to have a website.

Though we will be looking at the advantages of having a website, don’t mull it over too much. Create your website right now! And make it an awesome one.

Need some help with this step?

Visit our company’s website to get a better idea. Full Blown is one of the premier web design & development company based in Santa Clarita, California.

We deal with all aspects that are needed to boost your online presence.

We offer various services, including custom logo design, SEO, and website design based on your company’s profile.

Here are some reasons why your business needs a website:

1. Boosts Credibility

It has come to the point that customers doubt your company’s legitimacy if a website doesn’t pop on a Google search. Creating a professional website will enhance the customer’s confidence in your business.

A website acts as a builder of trust as all facts will be available to the customer transparently. As It will display details about the company, its products, customer reviews clearly, there will be no reason for doubt or mistrust.

According to a detailed survey done by a website domain registry company in the USA, 77 percent of those surveyed (800 people) said that they believed a website makes a company more credible.

Moreover, studies show that around 70-80% of people search for a company online BEFORE visiting them. Once the customer trusts your establishment, they will automatically start engaging more. And this will ultimately convert into revenue.

2. A Key Tool of Customer Service

Companies that do not have a website usually get inquiries about basic information like working hours and location. Nowadays, most customers do not have the time or patience to call your company. They choose another service provider. A website greatly helps in avoiding such scenarios.

By merely clicking on a link, potential customers can access all details about your enterprise. This helps in providing an overall comfortable user experience. This also saves time, manpower, and energy for employees to concentrate on important tasks instead.      

3. Major Revenue Builder

For most businesses, their website has become their primary breadwinner. It attracts organic sales and boosts revenue. If the website is user friendly, customers will be inclined to call you or visit your store to make a purchase.

According to a study done by HubSpot, in 2017 alone, American organizations got 470,000 visitors. It has generated 1,800 leads and 300 new customers monthly through their websites on average.

Moreover, with an SEO-optimized web design, your website is more likely to show up at the top of a Google search.

For E.g., Take a look at our website ranking at the top.

Studies have shown that almost 90 percent of online customers click only the top three links on a search engine. This drastically improves your customer base.

4. Showcases Your Strength

To put it in simple words, your website is like your mother. It loves to brag about your achievements. A website is like a virtual store where you can showcase your product line.

For E.g., Take a look at this portfolio.

A well-made website is also the most effective tool for digital marketing/advertising. It reflects the company’s policy, ideas and helps in creating and developing a brand image. Other than this, you can keep your clients updated about your activities.

Spread the word about new announcements, inform them about special offers and discounts.

Companies can get their websites custom made by employing professional and experienced web designers according to the industry type. One such company is Full Blown, based in Santa Clarita. For a better idea, check out their portfolio and web development packages.

5. Affordable Advertising Option

Most companies still live in the dark age as they think that advertising online is an expensive affair. But they have got it wrong.

Digital marketing, in general, is a much cheaper advertising option than traditional ones. And making a website costs even lesser. And it gives your company a much wider reach than putting out ads in local newspapers.

Even five years back, getting professional help to build a website was a long and expensive process. But today, a company can do this cost-effectively and easily for just $10- $12 a month.

6. Easy Switch to Mobile Advertising

Having a website means You can access it anywhere through any device. And mobile phones are the most commonly used ones to access the internet. Hence, a website becomes an effective tool for mobile advertising.

In 2019 alone, about $190 billion was spent worldwide on mobile advertising by companies. And it is predicted that this number will surpass $280 billion by 2022.

Also, You can incorporate popular features like maps and video on your website as well. This enhances your credibility and popularity in local markets. Hence, making this is a great platform to generate organic sales. Check out Santa Clarita based company, Full Blown, to get a mobile-friendly website.

7. Social Media Connecter

Social media or website?

This is the most common dilemma faced by companies. And the answer is quite simple. YES. You need a website even if your company is active on social media platforms. You need a website no matter what.

For E.g., Check the twitter page of RE/MAX promoting their news page.

Having only a social media presence had its drawbacks. One, you will be entirely dependent on it. Second, you will not have full control over its operation and logistics. Algorithms change, and trends change.

People using one platform will very quickly change to another. For example, Orkut was the rage in the mid-2000s. But it was quickly replaced by Facebook, and today, Instagram is ruling the rooster.

This is when your website will act as an anchor. No matter the trend, customers can always find authentic information about your company in one place. And you can use your website to increase your followers on these sites. It’s a clear win-win-win situation.

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